A Poem by Eric Ingram

I do

I am competitive except when
it comes to hide and seek. As a child,
anxious to be caught, I pretended to bark when
really I peed. I stand
beneath mauve photographs of landscapes
waving these unwashed hands. Doing this
barking. Big dogs bite when
almost touched. Touch but
do not look. I have no body
to be bitten, but the bite proves
the food. Let me decide how
to lose. Let me confute
tragedy: I ought to be man
and I will be wife. Forget closets – we'll hide in
urgent bathrooms, desperate to be
sought before sightless nightfall.
“I do” was previously  published in Third Point Press.
B6180427-810B-4C24-B51B-47050B3794F5   Eric Ingram is a writer from San Diego. He graduated from Columbia with a degree in philosophy and visual arts. He lives in Los Angeles, where he works as a video editor. Eric is represented by InkWell Management and is in submission for his debut novel, “The Best Man.” He can be reached at eric.ingram.eric [at] gmail [dot] com, and on twitter: @ingramsandiego.


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