A Poem by Orchid Tierney

From Gyrotexts


moss expanding into monochrome shot of ice/the petronauts go south/
soon it will be too hot/between a rocket and a hard placenta/
No, BP Didn’t Ruin the Gulf/The Arctic is very sensitive to environmental change/
break the ice with one of these introductory exercises/‘Global cooling’
burning the mileage oligarchy/the atmosphere is a garbage dump/
What kind of ideas can the air give you?/the poem is a carbon sink/
fatally-flawed/carry Newscastle to the coals/the world at least for the time being
is growing warmer/a ten degree increase…will melt 70% of the polar icecap/
strum while the irony is hot/C02 will have a positive effect/suitable to colonization/
The surface of the earth is only dust and mud/a forgetting of air/when the starlings
begin to hulk, the earthworm will become a puffin




Orchid Tierney is from New Zealand/Aotearoa/Philadelphia. Her chapbooks include Brachiation (Dunedin: GumTree Press, 2012) and The World in Small Parts (Chicago: Dancing Girl Press, 2012), and a full length sound translation of the Book of Margery Kempe, Earsay (TrollThread, 2016). She co-edits Supplement, an annual anthology on Philadelphia writing.

Photo credit: José Alberto De Hoyos


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