Kevin Dublin

Speaking of Marvels

“I don’t ever want to write anything that I feel anyone else could’ve written.”

dublin.jpgHow to Fall in Love in San Diego (Finishing Line Press, 2017)

Could you tell us a bit about your growing up and your path to becoming a writer?

I was lucky enough to have great teachers, instructors, professors, and mentors most of my life. In third grade, Ms. Angela Dotson was one of those. She encouraged my interest in writing and computers, and she published my first book. And by “book,” I mean, a one-page story I had written, which I had split over about seven pages and illustrated. And by “published,” I mean typed up, laminated, and bound in plastic comb binding! Education and educators play a huge role in determining who we will become. I’ve been a writer ever since.

Could you share with us a poem (or excerpt) from your…

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