The Shiners by Matt Stefon

POEM: The Shiners

By Matt Stefon

This poem is from

Shaking the Wind by Matt Stefon

This is a millennial voice bravely cast across the diminishments and inhuman economic displacements of our time. Matt Stefon’s crisp, spare, poems present a sensibility acutely aware of “killing time” caught between “dissipation” and “transition”. Everywhere, the emblems of loss—a bobber, dumped shiners, voided trees—unflinchingly presented with a blinding lyrical purity. Beautiful, honest, and powerful, these poems give voice to the distress of his generation. The narrator of these poems who tells himself to “fold your rationalizations into yourself” nevertheless finds redemption where he can—in the New England landscape, the brick factory building that survives, re-purposed, coffee and mornings, and, as always, love. I can’t wait to see what Matt Stefon writes next.

–David Chin, poet and a professor of English at Penn State Wilkes-Barre

Matt Stefon lives and writes north of Boston. He studied English, American studies, and history at Penn State and religious studies, Chinese and comparative philosophy and religion (with an interest in comparison between Confucianism and neo-Confucianism, American Transcendentalism, and the philosophical theology of Bernard M. Loomer), and American and comparative literature at Boston University. He taught English and humanities at Middlesex Community College for several years, served as religion editor of Encyclopaedia Britannica for eight years, teaches comparative religion in Norwich University’s online degree completion division, and serves as associate editor of poetry for West Texas Literary Review. His film criticism has appeared in Killing the Buddha and in Journal of Religion and Film. poems have appeared in Oddball Magazine, Three Line Poetry, the Unrorean, Coup D’Etat, the Penmen Review, Babbling of the Irrational, Wilderness House Literary Review, and Poppy Road Review. He also makes short “poemfilms” of his poems and of select favorite classic poems, and uploads them to his YouTube channel. He has self-published three short ebooks of poetry: The Long Contraction: Twelve Rejected Poems, Winter: Four Poems, and Incandescent Nothing: Short Poems and Aborted Lyrics. This is his first print collection.


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